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Let us help take you from busy pharmacist to budding entrepreneur. Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, network with new peers, and get ready to LAUNCH!

Own Your PharmD



One of the biggest challenges in building a business is that it can be lonely, especially in our profession that has few non-traditional roles. We want to help you find your people, get outside of your own brain, and grow past your limiting beliefs in one amazing, immersive weekend. Set aside the stresses of daily life for 3 days to come hang with us. You'll walk away with everything you need for your unique business. No generalized ideas here! We are a small, exclusive group, so we can focus 100% on building YOUR business.


This is all about you, baby!


We made this event with busy pharmacists like you in mind. We know life is pulling you in so many different directions, but you are going to be AMAZED by what you can accomplish when you have the time, space, and support to focus on creating your future career. This is going to be one fantastic journey!


Jamie Wilkey and Karen Brown

Hi everyone!


If you're anything like us, you're likely feeling the burnout and ready to make the move towards creating your own business. As pharmacists, we sometimes let our perfectionist tendencies hold us back from something others might call "risky", but you don’t have to keep giving your knowledge away for free! You can monetize and thrive. Most of us didn’t learn basic business skills in pharmacy school but want so badly to do something new and innovative in our communities.


We get it. We've been there.


That's why in the last 18 months we’ve built three businesses between the two of us…all of which have hit 6 figures of revenue. We want to help you taste the thrill of a fulfilling, profitable business using your knowledge as a pharmacist. We are living proof that it can be done!

Karen Brown and Jamie Wilkey



Invest in three days to build your business plan, vision, and goals. We're here to help you create ALL the tools you need to succeed!


Stepping into a new role is full of mental blocks. We've got you covered with breathwork, yoga, and the support network you need as you embark on this journey.


We want you READY to press play on your business! Let's get you looking (and feeling) official with the perfect branding photos for your business.

Own Your PharmD
Pharmacy Entrepreneur
Own Your PharmD


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Are you serious about changing your career and building something amazing?

Come hang with us!


Pharmacy is changing: are you?

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