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Own Your PharmD



The goal of this live series is to teach you about networking.

Networking is so powerful and plays a big part of growing your career. and business. We’re going to teach you the basics of networking and how you can use it to leverage your career.

How good is your network?
Series 01

This is just the beginning of our 5 part series, and it's going to get better & better! The two of us are excited to chat about the power of networking.

Series 02
Optimize your social media presence

We'll be discussing how much opportunity there is out in the world right now to network with exactly the right people. 2021 is a great time to be alive and growing your career (with the help of our in-person and virtual networks).

Series 03
Is your network helping or hurting you?

We're going to talk about change, specifically the pain of NOT changing. Are you comprising on your future trajectory just because you are comfortable now? Come join us! We are excited to talk with you about this!

Breaking through the mental blocks!
Series 04

We'll be chatting about blocks you may be feeling when it comes to networking. There are many blocks such as feeling intimidated, not feeling qualified, etc. We are excited to help you bust through them!

How your network can help you!
Series 05

You're going to learn about having a diverse network and how we've benefited from thinking big with those you associate with the most.

Series 01

Let's talk about why we should have an accountability flow. Level up your calendar & time management systems with this framework.

Series 02

Today we’ll be discussing about “The What”.
What are we adding into our board to get results.

Series 03

Today we’re going to talk through the hows or a step-by-step guide of creating your own accountability board.

Series 04
Evaluating your board

  How do you know if your actions yesterday are in alignment with the person that you want to be? Where you are headed and not where you are at right now.

Series 05
Expert's perspective

Get an expert’s perspective on your accountability flow.


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