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Karen Brown

I run a team of industry veterans providing professional services to the life sciences industry and partner with local physicians to bring clinical trial activity to their clinics and patients.


I created a successful professional services firm consulting medical device, pharmaceutical, and in vitro diagnostics teams in clinical operations, data management, medical writing, market access, and business strategy. I'm excited to help you think big and grow the business of your dreams because all pharmacists need to see their worth, define success for themselves, and then build the life they want to lead.

While I have postdoctoral training in PGx, I found my true passions revolved around becoming a disruptor in the healthcare industry and improving access to care for rural and underserved communities.


As a co-founder of Own Your PharmD, I'm here to inspire pharmacists to step into their unique entrepreneurship journeys and guide them along the way.


                 Think big. Dream big. Get ready to change your life.

Karen Brown, PharmD

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Jamie Wilkey

I teach pharmacists to create their own careers to bring them the fulfillment and flexibility of being their own boss.


I created my own successful consulting practice and then founded the PGx Consulting Confidence Academy. In less than a year the Academy has taught over 100 pharmacists to do the same. There is so much potential for pharmacists right now who are willing to think outside the box and do something innovative. If I can do it, with my only previous experience in pharmacy being working at Walgreens, then you certainly can too! 

As a co-founder of Own Your PharmD I'm so excited to prepare you to adapt your career to the future of pharmacy. I'll help you align your career goals with the big dreams you have in your heart.


It's time to stop complaining about your job and to create something you love. Whether you are looking for a side-hustle or to grow that side-hustle into a full position I'm excited to work with you. The future is bright for pharmacists who are innovating and embracing the future.

Jamie Wilkey, PharmD

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